Designing With: A New Educational Module to Integrate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Visualization in Design Curricula, is an ongoing research project in collaboration between the Institute of Design, SUPSI; the EPFL and the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

The aim of the project is to develop an experimental approach and collaborate on the definition of a new educational module suitable to be applied in multidisciplinary environments that integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Visualization (DV) in Design curricula. This website will provide an online toolkit containing AI/ML/DV tools, resources and methodologies accessible by an audiance of design teachers and students with a traning background in different design areas.

To facilitate learning and exploration of how Artificial Intellingence, Machine Learning and Data Visualization could be integrated in design practices, this database organize and visualize AI/ML/DV tools within a novel design system developed by systematizing AI activities within the common stages of design thinking, pursuing the concept of "Learning by searching for".

Design Stage


“Investigate the context, target groups, and stakeholders through research to explore, discover and analyse needs, barriers, attitudes, and aspirations.”

AI Capability


“Gathering data from physical or digital environments driven by research interests.”

AI Tool


“ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response”

Explore the prototype of the tools visualization

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Project Coordination
SUPSI - University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

Project Partners
NOVA - Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
EPFL - École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

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